Please play on fullscreen? the game has some resolution issues otherwise

A 2D Horror-Themed Broughlike game made as part of the  7 day Broughlike Jam (

You are digging through the King PaeopKuluitzier's burial mound, hoping to find the treasure at its end.

As expected, the place is cursed (duh). Watch out for green zombies and ghosts.

Controls: WASD, moving in the same direction while facing an enemy, attacks them


  • Zombies pick up on your scent when nearby
  • Ghosts come alive when they hear loud noises
    (Ghosts can walk through walls, but you knew that)
  • NO Power Ups, why leave power ups behind for a thief?
  • Sand is quiet, nothing else is.

I'd like to add that in classic student fashion, most of this was one in 3 days, there are  a few glitches here and there and I will be releasing a better version when time permits!

All kinds of feedback welcome! Thank you for playing!


Music by Eric Matyas ( )
Sound Effects

Cave background tileset by 
MrBeast. Commissioned by (

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