Controls tldr;

  • Mouse wheel to Zoom In/Out
  • Use the slider to scrub through the video
  • Virus spreads from people to objects and vice-versa
  • Click to check for infection. Red = Infected, Screen Shake = Not Infected
  • You have only 3 tests, use them sparingly

Index is a procedural generated contact tracing game for the Quarantine Jam, the theme was 'INVISIBLE ENEMY' and the game is based on the invisible enemy  no.1 - The Coronavirus.


5 world leaders foolishly held an in-person emergency meeting during the corona pandemic. Our president has been INFECTED and we KNOW its ONE of the OTHER leaders

Go through video footage and use state of the art virus testing to find out who was patient  ZERO.  The virus spreads through droplets, and a person can get infected by  coming in contact with infected people and objects

The virus spreads through droplets, and can spread from objects to people. 

Design Explanation - How is it Simulated?

  • Each level is uniquely generated systemically
  • The Target is fixed, the Index is decided at random each level
  • Each Person 's behavior is governed by their needs and corresponding actions
    • Hunger - Go Eat Food
    • Thirst - Go Drink Water
    • Work - Go Make Calls
    • Boredom - Go to another Person
  • When the person's needs are met, they move in a random direction
  • The infection spreads whenever an uninfected object/person is near an infected object/person
  • Each person has a different consumption rate for their needs, resulting in different paths from Index to Target in each level 


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